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Lauren has been involved with writing and editing as early as elementary school. She distinctively remembers joining newspaper club in 4th grade and immediately becoming the kid that would look over her classmates' articles. She then moved on to tutoring her peers during in-school writing workshops, eventually becoming an editor for her high school yearbook and newspaper.

Professionally, Lauren has always stuck with writing or English in some regard. After interning as an Internal Marketing Assistant and working as a freelance Social Media Coordinator for a few years, Lauren moved across the world to teach English in South Korea. There, she taught test taking techniques and led book discussions with her students. She developed a strong bond with her kids and was voted "Favorite Teacher" during the Spring 2020 term. They still keep in contact over email.

Lauren continues to work as a freelance writer, copyeditor, and proofreader. She has a penchant for words and revisions and a passion for storytelling. She has experience with basic video editing and digital design as well. Topics of work typically include, but are not limited to, business plans, social media content, website content, marketing content, emails, newsletters, press releases, and academic papers. Lauren is currently working in construction as an Assistant Project Manager, where she contributes to the design decisions and organization of a home in Washington, DC. 

Lauren has a wide spectrum of writing abilities, ranging from her personal passion for whimsical storytelling to the essential need for clear and concise technical writing. Unfortunately, Lauren does not have ownership of all academic papers or business proposals that she has worked on and therefore they cannot be shared. Please contact for more writing samples.

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